1. With circle punch, cut out 12 Santa images and 12 Rudolph images from patterned card stock. Adhere an epoxy sticker centered on top of each image.
  2. Use permanent glue to adhere each Santa image face up on the inside of a white bottle cap and the Rudolph images to silver bottle caps. Let dry.


  1. Use sponge brush to apply one coat of metal primer evenly to a clean, dry cookie sheet. Let dry.
  2. Using sponge brush, paint cookie sheet white. Let dry; repeat as needed.
  3. Use paper trimmer to cut thirty-two 1-1/4-in. squares from dark green card stock and one 10-in. square from light green card stock.
  4. Use ruler and pencil to measure and lightly mark a 1-1/4-in.-square grid on front of the light green square, creating 8 rows of squares.
  5. Following the grid, use scrapbook adhesive to adhere dark green squares in a checkerboard pattern on large light green square, placing a dark green square in every other marked square.


  1. With paper trimmer, cut two rectangles: 5- x 10-in. from holly card stock and 3-1/2- x 8-1/2-in. from chalkboard card stock.
  2. Apply a thin coat of decoupage glue to inside of cookie sheet and to the back of both the holly card stock and the checkerboard card stock pieces. Adhere the holly card stock and checkerboard side by side onto the inside of cookie sheet, smoothing out any bubbles. Let dry.
  3. Apply a thin coat of decoupage glue to the entire surface of checkerboard, holly card stock and cookie sheet sides as a sealer. Let dry; repeat as needed.
  4. Use decoupage glue to adhere the chalkboard card stock centered on the holly card stock (do not coat front of the chalkboard card stock with decoupage glue). Let dry.

FINISHED SIZE: Game measures about 11 in. wide x 17 in. long.

Cookie Sheet Checkerboard Set Craft Photography by Country Woman.