1. Download and print the Cotton Bunny Sewing Project Craft Pattern and Project Key
  2. Pin fabric for bunny together with edges matching and wrong sides facing.
  3. Use copy machine to enlarge pattern 200% or mark tracing paper with a 1-in. grid and draw pattern as shown.
  4. Cut out bunny pattern following outline of pattern.
  5. Pin bunny pattern to layered fabric with grain lines matching.
  6. With matching thread and a small straight stitch, sew along outline of bunny pattern, leaving an opening where shown on pattern.
  7. Use quilter’s marking pen or pencil to transfer inside design lines onto both sides of bunny.
  8. Remove pattern.
  9. Use pinking shears to cut out bunny, cutting 1/4 in. outside stitching line.
  10. Stuff bunny firmly.
  11. Hand- or machine-sew open edges together with matching thread.
  12. Thread embroidery needle with pearl cotton or floss.
  13. Stem-stitch bunny’s ears on each side where shown on pattern. See Fig. 1 for stitch illustration.
  14. In the same way, stem-stitch along stitching line on one side of body. Insert needle through to opposite side at the top of the stitching line. Pull taut to indent and shape bunny’s body. Then continue stitching on opposite side.
  15. Hand-sew a button to one side of bunny’s head for eye. Stitch through to opposite side and pull taut to indent fabric a bit. Sew remaining button to bunny’s head.


  1. Fold fabric for bow in half lengthwise with wrong sides together.
  2. With matching thread, sew narrow raw edges and long raw edges together with a 1/4-in. seam, leaving an opening for turning. Turn right side out. Fold raw edges of opening in and hand-sew opening closed.


  1. Wrap fabric strip or ribbon around bunny’s neck. Tie ends in an overhand knot on one side.
  2. Glue cotton balls or pom-poms to each side of back of bunny for tail.
  3. Referring to photo for placement, glue spools to bottom of bunny.

Finished Size: Cotton Bunny Sewing Project measures about 9-1/2 inches long x 8 inches high.


Cotton Bunny Sewing Project originally sent in by Rene Calcote of Eldorado, Texas