1. Print Christmas Tree pattern.
  2. Trace pattern onto folded tracing paper. Cut out with straight scissors. Unfold for a complete pattern.
  3. Lay pattern on card stock and trace around the shape with pencil. Cut out with straight scissors.
  4. Cover one side of card stock tree with rub-on glue. Position glued side of on back of homespun fabric so checks are straight in front. Let dry.
  5. Trim fabric even with edges of card stock tree.
  6. Referring to photo for position of garland, wrap jute twine diagonally around tree. Secure the ends in back with glue gun or tacky craft glue.


  1. Fold an 8-1/2- x 11-inch piece of card stock in half to form an 8-1/2- x 5-1/2-inch card. Trim the open edges with decorative-edge scissors so card measures about 6 inches high x 5 inches wide.
  2. With fold of card on the left, position tree on card so the trunk is centered about 3/8 inch up from bottom edge. Spot-glue in place with glue gun or tacky craft glue. Let dry.
  3. Punch two holes through both layers of card about 1/4 inch from the fold, positioning each about 2-1/4 inches in from a 5-inch open end.
  4. With each end coming out in front through opposite holes, pull several strands of raffia through the holes. Tie a bow in front. Trim to desired length.
  5. With glue gun or tacky craft glue, attach buttons of assorted colors and sizes to the twine garland.
  6. With black marker, print “Merry Christmas!” across top of card, staggering the position of the letters and adding dots to the ends of each letter. Outline the tree with a dashed line and write a message inside card.

Finished size: Card is about 6 inches high x 5 inches wide.

Country Christmas Handmade Card designed by Amy Burks.