1. Use copy machine to enlarge Card Container Pattern to 200%, or mark tracing paper with a 1-in. grid and draw pattern as shown onto tracing paper.
  2. Trace patterns onto tracing paper. Cut out patterns.
  3. Trace around patterns onto right side of cards as directed on patterns with chosen design
  4. of card centered under pattern. Cut out each just inside traced lines. Repeat, making 12 side pieces and two bottom pieces.
  5. Glue two side pieces with wrong sides together and edges matching. Repeat with remaining side pieces to make six double-sided pieces. Glue the two bottom pieces together in the same way.
  6. Place side pattern over a side piece with edges matching and use hole punch to punch holes at each X on pattern. Repeat with remaining side pieces and with bottom pattern and bottom piece.


  1. With slip knot on hook, work 3 scs in any corner hole of a side piece, * [ch, 3, sc in next hole] to next corner, work 3 scs in corner hole; repeat from * around, join with sl st in beginning sc. Fasten off. In same way, crochet around each remaining side piece and bottom piece.
  2. Thread tapestry needle with a long piece of yarn. With wrong sides together, whipstitch bottom edge of each side to one edge of bottom piece, catching one loop of each piece. See Whipstitch for stitch illustration.
  3. Then lift sides to join edges and in same way, sew side edges together to form bowl shape. Fasten off.
  4. Use tapestry needle to weave in all loose ends.

FINISHED SIZE: Card bowl measures about 10-1/2 inches across and is about 3-1/2 inches tall.


  • ch chain
  • sc(s) single crochet(s)
  • sl st slip stitch
  • [ ] Instructions following asterisk or between brackets are repeated as directed.

Crocheted Christmas Card Container from Carolyn Porter Stone of Harrisonburg, Virginia