GAUGE: One petal is 1-1/4 inches long x 3/4 inch wide. One leaf is 1-1/2 inches long x 1 inch wide. Slight differences in gauge will not ruin the project.


FLOWER: With white crochet cotton and size 9 hk, ch 6, sl st in sixth ch from hk to form a ring.

  1. Flower Rnd 1: Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), work 11 dcs in ring; join with a sl st in top of beg ch-3: count 12 dcs.
  2. First Petal: Ch 12, sc in second ch from hk; * hdc in next ch, dc in each of next 2 chs, tr in each of next 3 chs, dc in each of next 2 chs, hdc in next ch, sc in next ch; working in unworked bottom lps on opposite side of same ch, sc in first ch and rep from * to end; join with a sl st in beg-sc. Fasten off.
  3. Next Petal: Skip next dc in ring and join white crochet cotton with a sl st in next dc. Repeat First Petal. Add four more petals to ring in the same way. Use tapestry needle to weave in loose ends.

LEAVES: With green crochet cotton and size 7 hk, ch 3, sl st in third ch from hk to form a ring.

  1. Leaf Rnd 1: Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), work 5 dcs in ring; join with a sl st in top of beg ch-3: count 6 dcs.
  2. First Leaf: Rep instructions for First Petal.
  3. Next Leaf: Rep instructions for Next Petal twice so there are a total of three leaves. Fasten off. Weave in loose ends as before.
  4. Make one flower and one set of leaves for each napkin ring.

RING: From cardboard tube, cut one 1-1/2-inch-wide ring for each napkin holder.

  1. For each ring, roll about a 6-yard ball of white sport-weight yarn. Glue one end of the yarn to the inside of the ring and wrap yarn from ball around cardboard, covering it entirely. Trim off the excess yarn and glue end to the inside.
  2. Glue leaves to yarn-covered ring. Glue petals to center of leaves and a pom-pom to center of petals.

FINISHED SIZE: Flower measures about 3-1/4 inches across with a 1-1/2-inch napkin ring in back.


  • ch(s) chain(s)
  • dc(s) double crochet(s)
  • hdc(s) half double crochet(s)
  • hk hook
  • sc(s) single crochet(s)
  • sk skip or skipped
  • sp space
  • sl st slip stitch
  • tr(s) triple crochet(s)
  • beg beginning
  • lp(s) loop(s)
  • rep repeat
  • rnd(s) round(s)
  • RS right side
  • sl slip
  • st(s) stitch(es)
  • tog together
  • WS wrong side
  • yo yarn over
  • * or [ ] Instructions after * or ­between brackets are ­repeated a ­given number of times.
  • ( ) Instructions in ­parentheses are all worked in one stitch or space as ­indicated.

Crocheted Daisy Napkin Ring from Shirley Howard of Wagarville, Alabama