1. Use wire cutters to cut wire into six 54-in. pieces.
  2. Tie a slipknot on one end of each wire piece, leaving a 3- to 4-in. tail.
  3. Use crochet hook to make each wire piece into a chain, making about 3 chains per inch and sliding a small bead onto every fourth chain. Make each of the beaded chains about 61/2 in. long with a 3- to 4-in. tail on each end.
  4. Working just above the first chain on each wire, twist the tails of the wires together tightly a few times. Use tape to hold the twisted ends in place.
  5. Leaving taped ends together, slightly separate the crocheted wires into 3 groups of 2 wires each. Working with each group as 1 strand, braid the 3 groups together.
  6. When finished braiding, twist the loose tails together very tightly. Remove the tape from opposite end and twist those tails in the same way.
  7. Form each twisted end into a flattened loop about 1/2 in. long. Tightly twist the base of each loop to secure it in place. Push each loop through a medium metal bead. Trim the excess wire at the base of loop.
  8. Use pliers to open the jump ring on individual parts of the clasp. Place a jump ring on each loop. Use pliers to close rings and secure toggle clasp parts in place.

FINISHED SIZE: Bracelet measures 8 in. long.

Crocheted Wire Bracelet from Sarah Farley of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin