1. Download and print pattern and color key.


  1. Separate the floss to stitch with three strands throughout.
  2. To begin stitching, leave a tail of floss on back; hold in place while working the first few stitches over it.
  3. To end stitching, run needle under a few stitches on the back; clip floss close to work.
  4. Cross-stitch design on corner(s) of cloth. Start with the outer border at 10 threads from the edge. Each square on the chart equals one stitch worked over a set of fabric threads.


  1. When cross-stitch is completed, paint ants on cloth where chart directs. Make legs and antennae with black fine line fabric pen. Let dry. Add three drops of black fabric paint for each ant body.
  2. Let dry.
  3. Hem edges of watermelon print fabric. Turn raw fabric edges under 1/4-in.; iron in place. Turn fabric edges under 1/4-in. again; iron in place. Stitch around fabric edge.
  4. Tie a ribbon bow on basket handle. Center cross-stitched cloth on the watermelon print cloth and place both in basket. Fill basket with picnic or gift items.

Craft originally sent in by Gail Jackson of Summers, Arkansas.