1. Download and print craft patterns and color key.


  1. Zigzag or overcast the edges of the Aida cloth piece to prevent fraying. Fold in half lengthwise and then crosswise. Mark where the folds intersect.
  2. To find center of chart, draw lines across it, connecting opposite arrows. Begin stitching at this point to center design.
  3. Separate the strands of floss; work with 2 strands for all cross-stitching and a single strand for backstitching.
  4. Each square on the chart equals 1 stitch worked over a set of fabric threads. Use colors indicated to complete stitching.
  5. Do not knot floss on reverse side. Instead, leave a tail of floss on back and hold in place, working the first few stitches over it. To end stitching, run the needle under a few neighboring stitches in back and clip floss close to work.
  6. If necessary, gently wash completed stitching in lukewarm water; press right side down on a terry towel to dry.
  7. Hand-sew seed beads as shown on chart.



  1. From green print fabric, cut two 11-in. x 13-in. pieces for front and back. For frame, cut two 5-in. x 11-in. pieces for top and bottom, and two 5-in. x 13-in. pieces for sides.
  2. From fusible web, cut two 5-in. x 11-in. pieces for top and bottom of frame and two 5-in. x 13-in. pieces for sides.


  1. Following manufacturer’s instructions, center and fuse web to the wrong side of the green print fabric pieces for the frame’s top, bottom and sides. Fold each piece in half lengthwise, wrong sides facing, and press.
  2. Referring to Fig. 2, place fused frame pieces on right side of one 11-in. x 13-in. piece of green print fabric. Pin edges to hold. Sew around outside edge with a 1/4-in. seam for pillow front.
  3. Place remaining 11-in. x
    13-in. green print piece on pillow front, right sides facing and edges matching. Sew around outside edges with a 1/4-in. seam, leaving an opening for turning along 1 short edge. Trim seams and clip corners diagonally. Turn right side out through opening.
  4. Stuff pillow and hand-sew opening closed, tucking raw sides in.
  5. Insert cross-stitched piece right side up in frame on front.

Cross-Stitch Irish Pillow Craft originally sent in by Marygrace Cuozzo of Elk Rapids, Michigan.