1. Download and print cross-stitch chart, color key and stitch illustrations.
  2. Fold Aida cloth insert in half lengthwise, then fold it in half crosswise and mark where the folds intersect.
  3. Draw lines across chart, connecting opposite arrows. Begin stitching where the lines intersect for a centered design.


  1. Each square on the chart represents one cross-stitch. The color and/or symbol inside each square, along with the color key, tells which color of six-strand embroidery floss to use to make the cross-stitches. Wide lines on the chart show where to work backstitches. See Fig. 1 on stitch illustrations.
  2. Use 18-inch lengths of floss. Longer strands tend to tangle and fray. Separate the strands and thread the tapestry needle with two strands for all stitching.
  3. To begin stitching, leave a 1-inch tail of embroidery floss on back of work and hold the tail in place while working the first few stitches over it. To end stitching, run the needle under a few stitches in back before clipping the floss close to work.
  4. When all stitching is complete, and only if necessary, gently wash the stitched piece in lukewarm water. Press right side down on a terry towel to dry.

FINISHED SIZE: Towel is about 15 inches wide x 25 inches long. Design area measures about 4 inches x 5-1/4 inches.

Cross-Stitch Kitchen Towel craft originally sent in by Carrie Bergherm of College Place, Washington.