1. Download and print Cross-stitch Patriotic Craft craft chart and color key.
  2. Zigzag or overcast edges of two 6-in. squares of Aida cloth to prevent fraying. Fold each cloth in half crosswise and then lengthwise; mark where folds intersect. Draw lines across the charts, connecting opposite arrows, to find center of design.
  3. Using floss colors indicated on chart, cross-stitch each design centered on a cloth piece. Stitch with 18-in.-long floss, using three strands unless otherwise indicated on color key. Each square on the chart equals one stitch worked over a set of fabric threads. (Download and print cross-stitch illustrations.)
  4. When cross-stitch is completed, trim edges of Aida cloth to 4 in. square with design centered. Cut another 4-in. square of Aida cloth for back of pillow. With design facing out, pin the two squares together. Sew around three sides of stitched outer border of design. Stuff interior with fiberfill and sew fourth side to close. Repeat step 3 for second pillow.
  5. Trim edges of Aida cloth to 7 threads on outside of each line of stitching. Fringe edges.
  6. Cut a 12-in. length of metallic thread. Sew each thread end on the back of the pillow at opposite top corners to make a hanger.


Cross-stitch Patriotic Craft designed by Penny Duff,  Kennebunk, Maine. Cross-stitch Patriotic Craft Photography by Country Woman magazine.