1. Clean and prepare glass jars and bottles (see tips below). Be sure they are completely dry before proceeding.
  2. Pour about a half-cup of acrylic paint (or leftover wall paint) into a disposable container. Mix in a few tablespoons of water to thin; stir well.
  3. Pour paint into jar or bottle and swirl to cover interior evenly. Pour excess into next bottle.
  4. Turn each upside down on a paper plate for an hour or two, then turn over carefully to air-dry for at least a day. If you like, apply an acrylic sealer on the dried interior and let dry.
Glass Jar Crafts – Preparation Tips
  1. Paint will peel over time if exposed to moisture—these vases work best to display branches, silk flowers or tools like artists’ brushes or scissors. To use with water for cut flowers, paint the exterior of the bottle, not its interior.
  2. Label removal:  Labels on glass, plastic or metal containers can be stubborn. Use a craft knife to scrape them off, or soak containers in hot water until labels peel off easily. A cleaner like Goo Gone can help remove the toughest stuck-on residue.
  3. Clean and dry:  Clean glass, plastic or metal containers well, rinsing thoroughly and letting dry completely before proceeding to the next step. Oils, soaps, cleaners or any moisture on the surface can keep the paint from sticking. For a longer-lasting paint surface, apply a top coat of clear polyurethane sealer after the paint is completely dry.
Decorating Glass Jar Vases photography by Country Woman.