1. Click on “Fabric Feathers Dish Towel” and download pattern.
  2. Attach fusible webbing to the wrong side of the fabric scraps.
  3. Use pattern to cut 5 feathers. Vary notches on each feather.
  4. Hem long sides and one short side of linen or twill.
  5. Carefully remove paper backing from fabric feathers.
  6. Center first feather with bottom 4 inches from raw edge of towel. Iron in place. Iron two feathers on each side of center feather.
  7. Sew around feathers using small zigzag stitch.
  8. Fold a ¼-in. seam on long edges of 4-in. x 20-in. fabric. Press. Fold fabric in half lengthwise, right sides together. Place dish towel right side up and line up folded edge of trim with raw edge of towel. Sew short edges of lining to the outer edges of the towel.
  9. Open the lining so that right side is facing out.
  10. Sew pom pom trim, then lace to the top of border on the front of towel.

Dish Towel Applique Craft  c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Beverly McCoullough of Flamingo Toes. Photos by Beverly McCoullough.

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