Bring water to a boil. Mix in gelatin; stir until completely dissolved. Add salt and body wash; stir well. Pour into a container or mold and put in freezer until solidified to a jelly consistency (about 30 minutes). If using a mold: Remove jellies from mold and place on parchment paper; let sit in the open air for about an hour while parchment paper soaks up excess moisture. (If needed, dab with paper towels to remove moisture.) Molded jellies may shrink slightly or lose their shape over time. Use within one week for best results. If not using a mold: Scoop out desired amount to use.
YIELD: About 30 oz. total
STORE: Keep molded jellies in a sealable bag away from moisture. We wrapped ours in parchment paper during storage and placed in the refrigerator. For jelly in an airtight lidded container, store in a cool, dry place.

Note: Try substituting shampoo (tear-free for kids) or castile soap for the body wash, and experiment with small amounts of essential oils and food coloring to get the scent and look you want.

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For more information on working with essential oils and other natural bath and body ingredients, including safety tips, check out this handy guide.

DIY Bath Jelly photography by Country Woman.