1. Download and print DIY Bikini Beach Bag Craft Layout 1  and DIY Bikini Beach Bag Craft Layout 2
  2. From black-and-white print, cut two 20-inch squares for body of tote.
  3. From black-and-white polka dot fabric, cut two 4-1/4-inch x 22-inch pieces for bikini trim, one 8-inch x 13-inch piece for back pocket, and two 7-inch x 20-inch pieces for bottom of tote.
  4. From fusible interfacing, cut two 19-3/4-inch squares for front and back of tote and two 6-3/4-inch x 19-3/4-inch pieces for tote bottom.
  5. From coordinating print for lining, cut two 20-inch squares for lining of tote, two 5-1/4-inch x 22-inch pieces for lining of bikini top and one 8-inch x 13-inch piece for lining of back pocket.
  6. From iron-on clear vinyl, cut two 19-3/4-inch squares for lining of tote.


  1. Following manufacturer’s instructions, fuse interfacing to wrong side of front, back, and the two bottom fabric pieces.


  1. Fold and press 5 inches along one edge of each 20-inch black-and-white fabric square to wrong side. This will be the top edge of the tote. The fold of fabric helps reinforce the top.
  2. Tape one 15-inch x 20-inch piece of fabric for front of tote right side up to wax paper-covered cardboard.
  3. Using flat brush and pink or desired color, paint just one area of fabric on the bag’s front, to make it a focal point. Let dry.


  1. Place 8-inch x 13-inch piece for back pocket and same-size lining piece together with right sides facing and edges matching. Sew long edges together with a 1/4-inch seam for top and bottom edges of pocket. Turn pocket piece right side out and press.
  2. With contrasting thread and a decorative stitch, sew along top edge of pocket.
  3. Referring to Fig 1 for position and following manufacturer’s instructions, attach grommets to pocket piece.
  4. Thread a 32-inch length of black-and-white polka dot ribbon through grommets on back pocket. Tie ends in a bow on the right side.
  5. Referring to Fig. 2 for placement, pin pocket piece to right side of back piece.
  6. With matching thread and a straight stitch, sew close to edge along bottom and sides of pocket and down the center to form two pockets.


  1. Referring to Fig. 2 for placement, pin a 56-inch length of belting to the front and back pieces of the tote, covering raw edges of pocket piece on back. Sew close to long edges with a straight stitch and matching thread, leaving short edges open.
  2. Insert a 15-inch length of fabric-covered boning down inside of each of the straps.


  1. With right sides facing and long edges matching, pin a 4-1/4-inch x 22-inch polka dot fabric piece to a 5-1/4-inch x 22-inch lining piece. Sew the long edges together with a 1/4-inch seam. Turn piece right side out. Center polka dot piece along length of tube and press so lining fabric shows evenly along each long edge.
    Repeat using remaining polka dot and lining pieces.
  2. Place the two fabric pieces together, interlocking them as shown in Fig. 2. Match the short ends at the opposite sides and pin them to hold. With matching thread, topstitch the long edges together, stitching close to the fold of the fabric and as close to the center as possible.
  3. Tie remaining length of black-and-white polka dot ribbon. Tie ribbon in an overhand knot to the center of the interlocked fabric pieces. Hand-tack to hold.
  4. Remove the pins and lightly stuff the top layer of each side for the bikini top. Pin short ends to front of tote where shown in Fig. 2.


  1. With right sides facing and a narrow seam, sew one long edge of each bottom tote piece to bottom edge of front and back of tote.


  1. Sew zipper to top edge of front and back of tote, leaving zipper teeth exposed.


  1. With right sides facing, pin front and back of tote together along sides and bottom. Sew side edges and bottom together with a narrow seam.
  2. To form bottom of tote, align each side seam with bottom seam, forming a small triangle. Sew across base of triangle. Trim excess from point of triangle. Turn tote right side out.


  1. Following manufacturer’s instructions, apply clear vinyl to right side of each pink print lining piece, overlapping the pieces as needed for complete coverage.
  2. If desired, make and sew a pocket to one lining piece, following instructions for back pocket.
  3. With right sides facing, sew side and bottom seam as for outside of tote. Align side and bottom seams and sew as before to form bottom.


  1. If desired, cut a piece of plastic canvas to fit bottom of tote and hand-tack it to bottom of tote.
  2. With wrong sides facing, slip lining inside tote. Align side seams and fold top edge of lining to wrong side as needed to fit. Pin top edges together, encasing zipper tape.
  3. With matching thread, straight-stitch along entire top edge of tote to secure lining.


Finished Size: DIY Bikini Beach Bag measures about 18 inches across x 17 inches high.

DIY Bikini Beach Bag Craft originally sent in by Lynn Le Fever of Waterford, Michigan