1. Cut 120-plus pages from your used books with a matte knife.
  2. With a compass, draw a 12″ circle outside and a 4″ circle inside on your cardboard. Cut out the large circle and cut out the small circle inside. You’re making a doughnut! Set aside.
  3. Roll about 85 of your book pages, lengthwise, into cones. Roll in the same direction each time. Secure each with a dab of glue and squish the tapered ends flat.
  4. Brush glue in lines on your cardboard doughnut and lay your cones on the glue. They should radiate outward and be touching at the center.*
  5. Brush glue onto your first layer of cones for about 5 inches. Place your second layer of cones in an alternating pattern.
  6. Take about 25 book pages pages and roll—this time along the widest side—into cones. Brush glue on the second layer cones as before. Space this third layer a little further apart from each other than the other layers. Let dry.
  7. Cut a 5″ circle of cardboard. Cover with a book page. Cut a 2″-wide strip of a book page and pleat it. Form a circle and glue closed. Glue this to your cardboard circle.
  8. Place an upholstery nail, button or any decoration in the center of your wreath. Hang the wreath from a hole punched in the cardboard.

Note: We used a “long reach” stapler to secure the ends of the cone all along the inner hole for each layer. Which is why there is a hole cut into the center.

DIY Book Page Wreath craft project by Todd Moore. Photography by Jonn Coolidge.