1. Select and download your black-and-white digital photo.
  2. Set up the document size to match the height and width you want your photo to be on the vase.
  3. Following manufacturer’s instructions, print your photo onto adhesive label.
  4. Smooth adhesive label onto the vase.

Bright Ideas for your DIY Vase

  • Black and white images have a nostalgic, timeless feel and a classy, professional look.
  • Framing and photo shops can scan prints, which means that you are not limited to using only digital photos. Get a quote beforehand. Prices can vary greatly.
  • Select high-resolution images and crop them to focus in on your subject.
  • With today’s digital cameras, taking and storing images has become easier. But rapidly changing technology may soon make your current storage method obsolete. The best way to preserve your photos is to print them on archival paper. This eliminates the danger of accidentally deleting them or the need to constantly upgrade your storage method.

DIY Vase craft project designed by Natasha Dickens. Photography by Sue Ferris.