1. Remove lid from portion cup. Punch holes in opposite sides of the cup
    about 1/4-in. from the top edge. With a craft knife, cut a slit through the
    cup edge to hole.
  2. Starting at one end of the light string, place the second bulb into a cup
    and slip the cord into the holes. Replace lid. Repeat with every other bulb.
  3. With lid side up, place cup in the center of a cellophane square. Wrap
    cellophane around it and secure with tape, leaving cord extending.
    Wrap a length of garland around open ends close to the cup.
  4. Repeat on each remaining cup, alternating cellophane colors to create DIY Christmas Lights.

FINISHED SIZE: Garland measures about 2 in. high x 13 ft. long.

DIY Christmas Lights originally sent in by Virginia Cummings of Garden Grove, California.

Photography by Country Woman.