1. For the larger piece of the divider, measure the length and height of the box and cut a piece of cardboard that size. Then divide the length measurement by three and mark two evenly spaced lines (a couple inches long, shorter if your box isn’t very tall) along one long edge. Cut along lines to make slits. (As shown in photo.)
  2. For the smaller pieces of the divider, measure the width and height of the box and cut two pieces of cardboard that size. Cut slits centered on each of these to fit in the slits on the larger piece of cardboard. (As shown in photo.)
  3. Measure and cut scrapbook paper to cover both sides of cardboard pieces. Attach with tacky glue, smooth and cut divider slits into paper.
  4. Insert smaller cardboard pieces into slits in large piece to form the divider inside the large cardboard box.
  5. Identify types of cords on folder labels and attach to top of each section of the divider.

DIY Cord Holder c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Jennifer of I Heart Organizing. Photos by Jennifer Jones.

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