1. Prepare and prime: Use mineral spirits to remove wax, dirt and grime. Fill cracks and holes with wood putty, then lightly sand. Apply a coat of tinted sealer; it’s what you’ll see once you “rub through” the top coat.
  2. Apply the milk paint: Mix the milk paint per the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply the first coat; then, when dry, lightly sand to remove “fuzz.” Apply second coat.
  3. Antique it: Lightly sand the surface with 180-grit sandpaper to get the desired distressed look. Remove dust with tack cloth. Apply a coat of clear, water-based finish for extra durability.

Note:  Most cities have stores that sell unfinished furniture. None nearby? Target sells a line of unfinished furniture via its website that is relatively low priced and sent right to your door. Just type “ready to finish” into the website’s search bar.

DIY Country Chic Table craft photography by Austral.