1. Download and print Craft Pattern and Craft Layout
  2. Refer to photo and Fig. 1 as a guide while painting and assembling each fish.
  3. Use PVC pipe cutter to cut off entire screw top of plastic bottle or cut off the threaded area only.
  4. Use craft knife to cut off bottom of bottle. Discard bottom.
  5. Following manufacturer’s instructions, spray paint inside of bottle with one, two or three different colors. Let dry.
  6. Use craft scissors to cut “V”-shaped slits in opposite sides of the bottle top (if the entire screw top was removed) to form the sides of the mouth.
  7. Flatten open end of bottle and staple to hold.
  8. Cut out fins and shape tail.
  9. Use craft scissors to cut slits for tail, slits in fins and slits on top and bottom of fish.
  10. Use craft knife to cut an “X” shape in the middle of the back of the fish just large enough for a mini light to fit through.
  11. Glue fins on each side and a pair of eyes, as shown. Let dry.
  12. Repeat to make 25 bottle fish.
  13. Slip a fish over every other light on the string of lights.


Finished Size: Lights vary depending on the size of bottle used. Each shown is about 4-6 inches long and about 4-5 inches high.


Craft originally sent in by Carmen Klug of Bonita Springs, Florida