1. Drill the pilot hole: Turn the planter upside down and center both smaller paving stones on the bottom. Use a 5/16-in. masonry bit to bore a hole through both pavers and the planter bottom. Next, use a 1/2-in. masonry bit to bore a shallow “countersink” hole in the top paver to accommodate the bolt head.
  2. Install the connector bolt: Separate the pavers, then insert the bolt through the top paver so the bolt head is nestled into the countersunk hole made in Step #1.
  3. Glue top paver to tabletop: Center the top paver on the tabletop, and mark its position. Remove the paver, apply construction or landscape block adhesive to the top, carefully reposition the paver and press firmly into place. Let the adhesive set for two hours.
  4. Glue the bottom paver to the planter base: Apply adhesive to the planter base, then firmly press the bottom paver in place, making sure the pre-drilled holes align in both the paver and planter. Let the adhesive dry for two hours, then install the tabletop, using the bolt to secure the two components to one another.

DIY Flagstone Outdoor Table craft project photos by Robert Reichenfeld.