1. Referring to birdhouse diagram, Fig. 1, cut top off cannonball gourd and cut top third off canteen gourd. In the cannonball gourd, cut a hole a little larger than the size of a quarter for wren or chickadee to enter.
  2. Drill a small hole through the top of the canteen gourd, on either side of the stem, and thread the rawhide lace through it to make a hanger.
  3. Place top half of canteen gourd on cannonball gourd and line them up for drilling holes through. Pick a fairly straight piece of grapevine that will be long enough to go through the gourds
  4. Measure the diameter of the grapevine and use that measurement to determine what size drill bit to use. Drill the holes as shown in birdhouse diagram, Fig. 2. If desired, drill two holes through the cannonball gourd to insert a decorative piece of grapevine. Also drill a hole in the bottom of the cannonball gourd for drainage.
  5. Place the canteen gourd on cannonball gourd and assemble with grapevine piece. Put wood glue where grapevine enters and exits gourd so when the glue is dry the grapevine will not move or pull out.

DIY Gourd Birdhouse designed by Ralph Watson, Flint, Michigan.

DIY Gourd Birdhouse photography by Country Woman magazine.