1. Download and print Craft Pattern
  2. From black card stock, cut a 6¾-in. x 4¾-in. rectangle. Fold in half vertically and round all four corners with corner rounder punch.
  3. Open folded rectangle. Apply glue stick all over one side of interior. Place ribbon, centered lengthwise, about ¾-in. down from fold. Press sides closed with ribbon inside. Align all edges and smooth bumps. Let dry.
  4. Fold card stock rectangle around mint box and crease to form a ¾-in. spine in the center, making a book cover shape.
  5. Photocopy pattern; cut out at 100%. Trace choice of shape onto lower front cover as shown. Using craft knife, carefully cut out pattern outline on cover.
  6. Remove label from mint box. Photocopy and cut out pattern phrases. Use glue dots to adhere “Are you scared to pieces?” to top portion of box and “Happy Halloween” to top of inside cover, as shown.
  7. Use glue dots to adhere mint box, centered, to inside back cover. Be sure front cover cutout is placed over area where mints show.
  8. Close front cover over box and tie ribbons into bow.
  9. Cut out eyes and mouth pattern. Use glue stick to adhere them to front cover cutout area of box, as shown.
  10. With glue dots, adhere “BOO” letters to top portion of front cover.

Craft originally sent in by Amy Williams of Fort Collins, Colorado