Note: This project was completed using a sewing machine to join two 48-in. x 80-in. main pieces of heavy fabric, such as denim or dyed calico, with tabs at the ends and 2-in. tassel edging along the sides. We then looped 1/4-in. rope, with superglue applied to the cut ends to prevent fraying,  through pairs of 1 1/2-in. metal rings, tied the ends to the tabs and secured the rings to a tree branch using 1/2-in. rope.

  1. Download the hammock.pdf for the illustrations for all steps below.
  2. Cut the Tabs: Cut tabs into 24 pieces of 5-in. x 8-in.,  then fold the short ends to the center of the wrong side, as in Illustration A.
  3. Fold the Tabs: Fold tabs in half to enclose the ends as in Illustration B. Use an iron to press; then, sew both sides 3/16-in. from the edge.
  4. Secure Tabs: Fold them in half to form loops, and loosely hand-stitch the raw ends to the right side of the 48-in. x 80-in. fabric, 1-in. in from the sides and 2-in. apart, as in Illustration C.  Loosely hand-stitch the fringing along the edges of the side, with the tassels towards into the center.
  5. Sew the Hammock: Position the other 48-in. x 80-in. piece on the first, right sides together, and sew around with a 1/2-in. seam allowance. Leave an 8-in. opening along one side to turn the hammock right side out, then sew around the edges using a zigzag stitch. See Illustration D.
  6. Thread the Rings for the Ends: Cut 12 pieces of 1/4-in. diameter rope 80-in. long then thread six pieces through each pair of rings. Fold the rope in half at the rings then double back 6-in. of a 40-in. length of 1/8-in. cord and position the loop about 2 1/2-in. below the rings.  See Photo A.
  7. Bundle the Rope: Hold the cord and wrap it tightly around the bundled rope, working from the ring end with one end of the cord protruding. Thread the bottom end of the cord through the loop and pull the other end to tighten. Secure with a drop of superglue. See Photo B.
  8. Secure the Ropes: Tie the ends of the rope to the hammock using bowline knots by making a loop in the rope, threading the end through the tab then the loop of the rope, around the front and back into the loop, pulling in opposite directions to tighten. See Photos C and D.
DIY Hammock photos by StockFood/Gallo Images.