1. Clean the pendant blank and any practice blanks.
  2. For centered word design: Count the letters and symbols needed. Divide that number in half and identify the center letter(s). On the blank, use marker to mark small dots for each letter or symbol from the center letter outward, ­leaving about 1/8 in. equal space between each mark. (No marking is needed if you’re placing letters or symbols randomly.)
  3. Practice using the metal stamps on scrap sheet metal or extra blank.
  4. Lay pendant blank flat on jeweler’s anvil. Following marked dots for placement and starting with center letter, align corresponding alphabet stamp vertically on top of mark. Hold stamp in place against the surface and use hammer to firmly strike top of stamp. Try not to strike more than once, to avoid a double image. If one strike doesn’t make a complete impression, be sure the stamp is aligned before striking again.
  5. Repeat for each letter, working outward.
  6. With marker, color in the recessed areas of letters. Don’t worry if you mark slightly outside.
  7. Use jeweler’s polishing pad to gently rub pendant surface, removing excess marks. Color should remain in recessed areas. Use marker to lightly fill in any recessed areas not showing well. Wipe clean.
  8. If needed, use metal hole punch pliers to make a hole in pendant.
  9. With long-nose pliers, open jump ring by carefully twisting ends sideways. (Do not pull apart.) Slip ring through pendant. Add dangling charms as desired (instructions below). Close jump ring; place on chain.

Dangling Charms

Bright bits of color that accent your pendants, these charms are quick and easy to make. For each charm, place a few beads (or crystals) on a head pin. Holding bead firmly in place at the bottom of the pin, bend head pin wire at a 90-degree angle against the bead. With wire cutters, clip wire about ¼ in. from bend. Place round-nose pliers at wire end and roll the wire over to form a closed loop on top of bead.

* Need to buy a basic mallet, hammer, wire cutters or pliers? They’re often cheaper when sold as a hardware rather than crafting supplies.

Tip: Over time, if the black marker wears off recessed areas, reapply as before.

DIY Hand Stamped Jewelry photography by Country Woman.