1. Download and print Paper Craft Pattern
  2. Trace paper craft pear pattern (download pattern from link above) onto tracing paper with pencil.
  3. Cut out and discard shaded areas of pattern.
  4. Fold paper in half crosswise to make a 5-1/2-in. x 8-1/2-in. piece. Fold again to make a 4-1/4-in.-wide x 5-1/2-in.-high card.
  5. Place card on a flat surface with single fold at the left and double fold at the top.
  6. Use ruler and gold metallic marker to draw a border around front of card about 1/4 in. from outside edges.
  7. Unfold card and place it right side down on a flat surface.
  8. Place pattern in border area of opened card.
  9. Use pencil to lightly trace around inside edges of pattern. Remove pattern.
  10. Cut out pear and leaf, cutting on traced lines. Discard shapes.
  11. Apply a narrow band of glue stick around outside edges of pear and leaf. Place gold fabric piece right side down over cutout area and smooth out any wrinkles.
  12. When dry, center fleece batting piece over fabric. Turn card over.
  13. Sew around edges of pear and leaf with a narrow zigzag stitch, making sure one side of the stitch goes through the fabric only. Pull all threads to the back. Knot and clip threads close to back.
  14. On inside of card, trim excess fabric and batting from outside edges of pear and leaf, cutting as close to stitching as possible.
  15. Refold card and place right side up on a flat surface.
  16. Use brown marker to add stem.

Finished Size: Paper Crafted Handmade Pear Card measures inches 4-1/4 wide x inches high.


Paper Craft: Handmade Pear Card originally sent in by Ann Main of Moorefield Ontario