1. If needed, remove frame backing and inserts. Measure the entire back of the frame and cut the wooden board to be about ¼-in. smaller on all four sides.
  2. Lay the board on fabric and trace around it. Cut fabric on the marked lines.
  3. Brush decoupage glue all over one side of the board and align cut fabric piece on top to adhere to the board. Smooth out fabric and let dry completely.
  4. Cut screen or mesh wire to fit inside the front of frame. Then staple it on the inside front edges of the frame.
  5. Nail the fabric-covered wooden board to the frame back, with fabric showing out the front under the wire.
  6. Attach hangers and add knobs, cup hooks or other embellishments around front of frame as desired.

DIY Jewelry Frame craft designed by Rose Stapp of Laurel, Mississippi. Photography by Country Woman.

You can buy this and other creations by Rose at Shabbrustic Chic Boutique (