From the fabric for the outer shell and pocket, cut 2 pieces—one 14- x 13-in. outer fabric piece and one 9- x 13-in. pocket piece. From the lining fabric, cut a 14- x13-in. piece. From fusible fleece, cut a 13½- x 12½-in. piece.


  1. Following manufacturer’s instructions, fuse the fleece to the middle of the lining fabric’s wrong side.
  2. Fold pocket fabric piece in half lengthwise and iron to crease. Then topstitch 18 in. along the folded edge (optional).
  3. Take pocket piece and line it up along all 3 raw edges on the lining piece. Place tape measure horizontally across the top of the pocket. Then measure and pin at the following intervals: 1¾ in., 1½ in., 1 in., 2 in., 2 in., 1 in. and 1½ in. Mark these lines vertically with a soluble fabric marker. Stitch along the vertical lines forming sections.
  4. Lay ponytail elastic at the top right side of the pocket, overlapping a little, pinch the outer edge of the elastic band and pin to pocket.
  5. On outer fabric, place right sides together with the lining/pocket piece and pin all the way around, being sure to leave a 2½-in. opening on the left-hand side just above the pocket. Re-pin ponytail elastic so it is between the lining and outer fabric.
  6. Stitch ¼ in. all the way around, starting at the top of the unpinned section and finishing at the bottom of the unpinned section. Snip all 4 corners and turn right- side out. Iron flat and topstitch 1/8 in. all around.
  7. Take the top edge of the fabric and fold it down to the top of the pocket, overlapping it a little. Iron closed. Topstitch 1/8 in. along folded edge (optional).
  8. Fold the left side of the closed makeup brush holder to the middle and then fold again. Hand-stitch the button to the middle of this section. Loop elastic over the button to close.

 DIY Makeup Brush Roll designed by Penny Sperry of Salisbury, Maryland. You can buy this and other creations by Penny at The Giving Tree ( Photography by Country Woman.