1. Make the design template for your DIY Mosaic Planters. Create a rough paper template by rolling the pot along a piece of parchment paper and marking the top and base with a pencil line. If you’re creating a separate pattern around the pot’s rim, repeat the process and make a separate template.
  2. Seal the pot. Mix one part PVA adhesive to one part water; apply with a paintbrush to seal. The water prevents the adhesive from absorbing into the terra cotta and drying too quickly as you work.
  3. Cut the tiles. Use tile nippers to cut the glass mosaic tiles into random shapes to place into your design.  You can use stone, glass beads and even broken china to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind mosaics.
  4. Lay out the mosaic. Sketch your design on the marked parchment paper. Using the template as a guide, arrange mosaic tiles onto the paper before transferring onto the pot. Don’t worry about following the templates exactly. Half the fun of making mosaics is incorporating a variety of shapes.
  5. Apply the tiles. Mix up the cement-based adhesive (tip: a disposable plastic plate works great for this) and apply to the back of each glass tile using a butter knife. Turn the pot upside down to apply the tiles, working outward from the central design.
  6. Create the border. Apply glass tiles to make the border around the design, starting at the top. We positioned a light green tile at the center of the border and worked to the left and right for there, then filled in the background around the design with randomly shaped tiles.
  7. Create the back and rim. Using white ceramic tiles, work from either side of the main design until tiles meet at the back of the pot. Cut final tiles to fill resulting wedge shape. Apply more adhesive around the rim to make the two-tone pattern using large glass tiles. Leave to dry overnight.
  8. Apply the grout. a) Mix up the grout and apply by hand (be sure to wear your rubber gloves), pressing between tiles to completely fill the gaps. b) Wipe away excess with a damp sponge, taking care not spread it over already rinsed areas. When grout is dry, buff the surface with a lint-free cloth.

DIY Mosaic Planters craft project photos by Sue Ferris.