CUTTING:  Download the Cutting/Assembly Guide for reference.

  1. Cut two 5-in.-long craft stick pieces for stable roof. Cut one craft stick in half diagonally to make two 3-inch pieces for stable walls.
  2. Cut one 3-in. -long craft stick piece for Joseph, and one 2-1/2-in. long craft stick piece for Mary. Cut one 1-3/4-in.-long craft stick piece for Baby. Use sandpaper to round cut end as shown. Remaining stick will be stable floor.
  3. Sand as needed to smooth; wipe with damp paper towel to remove sanding dust.

PAINTING: Keep water handy to thin paints and clean painting tools. Dab colors onto foam plate/palette as needed. Let paint dry after each coat; apply additional coats as needed for complete coverage. Refer to photo as a guide.

  1. With flat brush,  paint pieces for stable roof, walls and floor brown. While paint is wet, wipe pieces with paper towel to reveal the grain.
  2. Using flat brush, paint 1-3/4-in.-long craft stick piece white, 2-1/2-in.-long craft stick piece red and 3-in.-long craft stick piece green.
  3. Paint all furniture plugs fleshtone for faces. Use round brush to add two small pink circles to each for cheeks.
  4. Use flat brush to paint star gold.
  5. With liner and black paint, add hair around faces, and add Baby’s eyelashes.
  6. Dip brush handle into black to add two tiny eyes to Mary and Joseph’s faces, and two buttons to Joseph’s body.


  1. Glue stable wall pieces to back of stable floor. Glue roof pieces to top of walls, overlapping the cut edges a bit, and glue star to roof.
  2. Glue Mary and Joseph to back of stable floor.
  3. Cut small pieces of raffia and glue around the bottom edge of the Baby. Glue Baby to front of floor.
  4. Glue faces to all figures.
  5. Wrap green-and-tan fabric around Joseph; glue to hold. Wrap red fabric around Mary; glue to hold. Glue on brown button.
  6. Thread a piece of raffia through each green button; knot ends in front and trim  close to knot. Glue buttons to stable floor as shown.
  7. Glue paper clip to back top of stable for hanger. Thread with torn fabric strip; knot ends for hanging loop.

FINISHING: Use black marker to add dashed lines around star and on Baby, and to write the verse and “Luke 2.”

DIY Nativity Ornament Craft originally sent in by Julee Chambers of Logansport, Indiana. 
DIY Nativity Ornament Photo by Country Woman Magazine.