1. Fluff and bend the branches of the wreath for a realistic look.
  2. Attach lights to the wire frame on the back of the wreath with a slipknot, allowing as much of the cord as possible to extend from the wreath. Turn the wreath over and add the lights to its front and sides, hiding cord as much as possible.
  3. Attach ornaments to the wreath, starting with the larger ones. Space ornaments around as shown. If the ornament has a wire top, thread a wired branch through it to hold the ornament in place. Use a small piece of floral wire to attach any ornaments that have a small plastic top. Glue or wire remaining trims in place. Pull any hidden bulbs to the surface as you go.
  4. Place a bit of glue between ornaments that are touching to keep them in place. Let dry.
  5. Loop ribbon through wreath frame on back. Tie ends together to form hanging loop.

DIY ORNAMENT WREATH – FINISHED SIZE: Wreath measures about 24 inches across.

DIY Ornament Wreath originally sent in by Wendy Borchert of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.

DIY Ornament Wreath Photography by Country Woman.