1. Freehand cut several flower shapes. (Brittany used a scrapbook paper with a floral pattern to make it easier.) Lay each flower on top of the coordinating paper and cut a flower shape larger than the first for the second layer of petals.
  2. Lay both coordinating flowers shapes on top of one another and cut slits in toward the center, being sure not to cut too close to the center. Trim the edges of your petals to round them more if desired. Fold the edges of your flowers up to give them dimension.
  3. For each flower, cut lengths of floral wire long enough to wrap around the wreath. Then thread the wire through the button as seen in the photos. Poke the wires through the centers of the flowers. (It is easiest if one flower is laying on top of the other going through both layers at once.)
  4. Set each flower on the wreath. Wrap the wires around the back and twist to secure flowers in place. Repeat until there are as many flowers on the wreath as desired. Then add a coordinating ribbon bow.

DIY Spring Wreath c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Brittany of Pretty Handy Girl.

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DIY Spring Wreath photography by Brittany Bailey.