1. Determine ring size: Wrap string or paper around finger, and mark where ends meet. Wrap around mandrel and note size.
  2. Cut an 18-in. length of wire; gently run through fingers to straighten.
  3. Place bead on center of wire. Bend wire ends at a 90-degree angle from where the wire comes out bead ends.
  4. With pliers, make another 90-­degree bend outward with each end of wire. The wire should hug the side of the bead; the place where the wires touch the bead will be referred to as the ring shank.
  5. Place the bead against mandrel at one size larger than desired finished ring size. (For a size 7 ring, start with the bead at size 8 on mandrel.)
  6. Wrap each wire end around the mandrel twice. One end will wrap toward the top of the mandrel, the other toward the base. Do not overlap wires.
  7. Finish with the wires facing in opposite directions on the top of the mandrel. With your fingers, push the wires together on the mandrel to close any gaps. Make sure the wires are taut. One end should be closer to the top of the mandrel and one nearer the base.
  8. Take the top wire and make a 90-degree bend around ring shank toward the mandrel base. Then take the wire closer to the base of the mandrel and make a 90-degree bend around the ring shank toward top of mandrel.
  9. Wrap these wires around ring shank a few times, leaving 2-3 in of wire unwrapped. End wrap with one end pointing to the top of the mandrel and the other to the base.
  10. Carefully holding the ring together, slide it off mandrel. Wrap wire on the right around the right side of the ring base at least 3 times. Repeat on the left side. Then trim both ends. With pliers, flatten wire to the ring base, making sure there are no sharp edges.
  11. Put ring back on the mandrel. It should be at your desired finished ring size, or slightly smaller. To enlarge slightly, tap downward with mallet on the wire ring base, still on the mandrel, to stretch.
  12. Once ring is the desired size, tap all around the wire ring base with the mallet to flatten and harden the wires in place. Remove ring.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Want to see the tools used to make this project? Download our jewelry tools gallery.

DIY Wire-Wrapped Ring craft originally sent in by Dana Meixner, Watertown, Wisconsin.

DIY Wire-Wrapped Ring photo by Country Woman magazine. Photo tutorial by Dana Meixner, Watertown, Wisconsin.