1. Cut or tear fabric scraps into 1-in. wide strips. Shorter strips less than a yard in length work best.
  2.  Cover one end of the cord with fabric, wrapping a few times around to secure in place. Continue wrapping fabric around cord. Keep fabric flat and cover cord completely.
  3.  As you wrap the cord in fabric, curl the end into a tight spiral. Continue wrapping and spiraling the fabric and cord.
  4.  When the cord is spiraled enough to enclose the cord end, use a small crochet hook to pull the loose end of the fabric from the outer edge of the cord up through the spiral center. Pull the fabric strip all the way through and then continue wrapping around outer-most layer of the spiraled cord.
  5.  Alternate single wraps around outer cord with double wraps around the outermost two layers of the cord only. Keep fabric flat, tight and cover all cord. Continue wrapping and spiraling while using the crochet hook to pull fabric through the center.
  6.  To change fabric strips, end with a wrap around the outer single layer of cord. Add the new strip by covering the end of the previous strip with the new strip end. Then wrap around tightly. Proceed with a double wrap to secure and carry on.
  7.  Once the base is the right size (about 7-8 rows), move the cord up to about a 45-degree angle from the flat base. Then continue wrapping with alternating single and double wraps as previously done. Keep adding rows at a 45-degree angle for a shallow bowl as in the photo or at a 90-degree angle for an upturned tall bowl.
  8.  When bowl is at desired height, find the side that is a little lower due to the spiral shape and cut cord at a slight diagonal to even out the height of that side. Continue wrapping to cover the cord, holding down the cut end as you go.
  9. When reaching the cut end, pull the fabric tightly to secure and wrap one last time leaving an open loop. Pull the fabric end through the open loop and pull tight to knot in place. Trim fabric end and tuck in any loose fabric edge. Cut any loose threads to finish.

Crafter’s Note: If piping cord is too expensive or unavailable, you can substitute a similar cord or rope. Try your local hardware store for alternatives.

DIY Wrapped Fabric Bowl c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Jacinda of Prudent Baby.

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Wrapped Fabric Bowl photography by Jacinda Boneau.