1. Remove front pockets if desired. Rub the fabric to make the thread holes disappear.
  2. Determine how tall you want the shirred area to be and how much you want left unshirred around the bottom hem. ( I measured 3 in. up from the side hem to the third button from the bottom.)
  3. Mark and pin the button area closed from the top of the shirring mark all the way down to the bottom hemline. Cut off/remove the buttons in the shirring area and sew closed following the stitching lines on each side of the buttons.
  4. Take one end of the zipper, cutting off hardware if necessary, and separate the two sides from each other. To keep the ends from fraying, melt the fabric lightly with a match or flame.
  5. Place one end of zipper under the inside corner of the collar and pin. Line the entire collar with the zipper (about 24-1/2 in. on my collar). Make a small fold at each corner for a smooth transition around the collar. Sew and stitch the zipper in place along the collar.
  6. To make zipper ruffles, measure from the top of the shirring line to the top of the shirt (12 in. on my shirt). Add 4 in. to 8 in. to the measurement you get and cut four strips of zippers for the ruffles. Use a basting stitch on the fabric edge of the zipper and pull the bottom thread to gather each strip.
  7. Place one strand of the ruffled zipper about 1/2 in. from the center buttons. Pin down the front to the top shirring mark. Sew in place.
  8. Place the second strand against the center, overlapping slightly over the first strand. Pin and sew into place. Repeat on the opposite side.
  9. Shir the bottom half of the shirt starting at the top mark and finishing at the bottom mark. Space the shirring lines 1/4 in. to 1/2 in. apart.
  10. Fold each sleeve so it has a 2-in. cuff.
  11. Pin the top and bottom of the sleeve and sew a straight stitch on the top and bottom to keep the cuff folded. OPTIONAL: Shir two to three lines on the top part of the sleeve to create a gathered look.
  12. To add zipper loop, cut two 10-in. strips of zippers. Place one end of the zipper about 1 in. under the top of the cuff. Pin in place.
  13. Fold the zipper onto the front/top of the cuff and pin.
  14. Create a loop with a 1-in. tail. Fold the tail under and pin. Pin the top of the loop to the shoulder. Sew the top of the loop and the bottom into place securing the zipper in place. Repeat on the opposite sleeve.
  15. Add a button (large, small, different color, etc.) to the middle of the loop for added design interest.

DIY Zipper Ruffle Shirt Sewing Craft c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Megan of Brassy Apple.

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