1. Pick flowers when they are dry, with no rain or dew drops on them. Look for those without thick stems or woody centers so that they will press flat.
  2. Flowers such as violets, daisies and pansies tend to keep their bright colors after drying. (If the flowers do fade, you can bring back their original colors by applying a thin coat of acrylic paint later on.)
  3. To press flowers: Open book and place one tissue on a page. Lay flowers face down on the tissue and cover with two or three more tissues. Close book gently. Put a heavy object on top of the book. Let dry for about 2 weeks without peeking.
  4. Paint wooden hearts in desired colors and let dry thoroughly. For added interest, glue a smaller wooden heart onto a larger wooden heart, using wood glue. Let dry.
  5. Carefully separate leaves and stems from the dried flowers. Begin by gluing foliage, then flowers, to painted wooden hearts, being very careful not to tear them. Use a tweezers to pick up delicate flowers, and a toothpick to apply small amounts of glue under edges of the flowers.
  6. When the glue is dry, spray hearts with a clear sealer.
  7. For necklace, screw an eye in the top center of heart and attach jump ring and chain.
  8. For pin, use glue gun to add a pin fastener on the back of the heart.

Editor’s Note: To make dried flower refrigerator magnets, cut pieces of magnetic strips and apply to back of hearts.

Dried Flower Jewelry Craft designed by Pat Reid, Newcastle, Oklahoma.

Dried Flower Jewelry Craft photography by Country Woman magazine.