1. Using wire cutters, cut a piece of memory wire about 4 loops long for the 4-strand bracelet shown; cut longer or shorter as desired.
  2. Grasp one end of memory wire with round-nose pliers and curl wire tightly around one side of pliers. Wrap a few times to form a sturdy closed circle.
  3. Put desired number of beads onto memory wire. A beading board (see photo 3) can help you plan a pattern.
  4. With all beads in place, trim memory wire about ½ in. from the base. Grasp end of wire with round-nose pliers and wrap a few times around pliers as before, forming a sturdy closed circle that’s snug against bead.

* Need to buy a basic mallet, hammer, wire cutters or pliers? They’re often cheaper when sold as a hardware rather than crafting supplies.

Tip: If you find you enjoy working with memory wire, you may want to invest in specialty shears for cutting hard wire.

Easy DIY Wire Bracelet photography by Country Woman.