1. Cut floss or thread into three to 12 even strands, each about 10-12 in. long.
  2. Knot threads at one end, leaving a 1-in. tassel. Tape or pin the knotted end to a sturdy work surface.
  3. Braid, twist or knot the strands as desired, threading in beads as desired. If desired, wrap contrasting thread around the strands as in A, B and E. (See photo 2.)
  4. Knot the end. Cut, leaving a 1-in tassel. Tie bracelet around wrist; tradition holds that the bracelet is worn until it falls off.

Easy does it (refer to photo 2 for bracelet variations)

A) WRAP contrasting thread around other fibers.

B) KNOT multiple strands to create a chunky-look bracelet.

C) BRAID, using single or multiple strands.

D) EXPERIMENT with bead placement.

E) TWIST bracelet strands clockwise. Knots between twists can help hold twists in place.

F) GLITZ it up with metallic thread.

Easy Friendship Bracelets photography by Country Woman.