For three baskets: For all stitching, use a ¼-in. seam allowance unless otherwise noted.

  1. From your fabric, cut six 18-1/2 x 28-in. pieces, and three 4 x 10-in. pieces.  Following manufacturer’s instructions, use iron to fuse coordinating fabric pieces onto interfacing. Then cut out around fabric edges.
  2. Fold one 18-1/2 x 28-in. fused fabric piece in half with right side in, short ends together.  Now sew the sides, leaving the top open.  Repeat on the other five same-size fused fabric pieces. (Tip: Decide first which three fused fabric pieces will be the liners and use a slightly larger seam allowance to make them nest more easily inside the exterior baskets.)
  3. For each basket, pair up two sewn fused fabric pieces, one piece for the interior liner and one for the exterior basket. Set aside.
  4. With wrong side out on each sewn fused fabric piece, fold the corners down as shown in tutorial photo. To make sure that they are aligned correctly, create a crease on the bottom fold and line that up with the seam on the inside making sure your seam is flattened all the way out.
  5. Use the ruler and pencil to measure and mark a 7-1/2-in.-long line across each corner fold, as shown in tutorial photo, and then pin folds in place.  From the corner point to the line, it should measure 3-3/4 in.  Repeat marking and pinning process on all sewn fused fabric pieces.
  6. Once all fabric pieces are marked and pinned, stitch along the lines on each piece.
  7. For the three exterior pieces, turn them right side out. Folding the corners down, insert a Plexiglas sheet into the bottom of each.
  8. Leave the other three fabric pieces right side in. Folding corners under, place one each inside of the three exterior pieces on top of the Plexiglas sheets.
  9. For each basket, fold the exterior top edge over with wrong sides facing about a half-inch and pin in place. Then repeat on the liner basket top edge and use same pins to hold in place. Be sure exterior and interior folds overlap slightly for stitching later.
  10. For the three smaller fused fabric pieces, fold the short ends over a quarter-inch and stitch in place. Fold each piece in half forming a long loop. Insert the ends of each folded piece about a half-inch between the exterior and liner baskets, sandwiching it centered along one side for a hanging loop. Pin in place.
  11. Using a slightly longer stitch length, sew around the perimeter of the top edge on each basket being sure to stitch through both basket layers and the hanging loop ends.
  12. Following manufacturer’s instructions, install the rod brackets level on a wall. Insert rod through hanging loops on each basket and space evenly. Then place rod on brackets and fill baskets as desired.

Hanging Fabric Baskets Craft c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Destri of The Mother Huddle.

To read more about Destri and her blog, check out our blog and craft spotlight.

Photos by Destri Bufmack of The Mother Huddle.