1. Spray paint your frame white.
  2. Take a piece of sheet metal and trim it down to fit over the original painting.
  3. Cut fabric to fold over the sheet metal – should extend over by a few inches on all sided. (Jen got her Bicycle Fabric at Spoonflower a site that lets you print your own fabric designs or buy some that from artists all over the world.).
  4. Cover sheet metal with fabric.
  5. Fit fabric-covered sheet metal in the frame and tape down on back of metal. (Voila! A pretty magnet board that covers up all of those unattractive cords and outlets!)
  6. To accent her Family Organizer & Message center, Jen found a clear file folder from Office Depot; covered some manila file folders with scrapbook paper and printed off labels for everyone in the family. She then attached the file folder holder to the wall with some 3M Command Strips (So if she would ever want to take it down, her painted cabinet will not be ruined.).
  7. Directly under the clear folder, Jen put a tray from Ikea accented by some vintage jello molds inside of an old bread pan with paper clips, rubber bands and other office-y things. Then she put a couple pot-it note pads so people can take down messages when people call.


Family Organizer & Message Center Tutorial c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Jen Hadfield of

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