KNITTING: The bag is made using double strands of yarn throughout. To double the strand, use outer yarn end on skein and pull the other yarn end from middle of skein.

  1. Bottom: With Brown, cast on 44 sts.
  2. Rows 1-20: K each row (44 sts).
  3. Bind off.
  4. Body: Round 1: With Brown, pick up 44 sts on long edge, place marker. Pick up 16 sts on short edge, place marker.  Pick up 44 sts on other long edge, place marker.  Pick up 16 stitches on other short edge, place 2 markers to denote the end of round (120 sts).
  5. Rounds 2-4: K around (120 sts).
  6. Rounds 5-41: With Emerald Green, k around (120 sts).
  7. Round 42: With Ivory, k around (120 sts).
  8. Rounds 43-45: With Brown, k around (120 sts).
  9. Round 46: With Ivory, k around (120 sts).
  10. Rounds 47-56: With Birds of Paradise, k around (120 sts).
  11. Round 57: With Ivory, k around (120 sts).
  12. Rounds 58-60: With Brown, k around (120 sts).
  13. Round 61: With Ivory, k around (120 sts).
  14. Rounds 62-67: With Emerald Green, work garter stitch (k 1 round, then p 1 round).
  15. Bind off. Use needle to weave in loose ends.
  16. I-cord strap (make two): With Emerald Green, cast on 5 sts. K across, do not turn. Slide sts to opposite end of needle, k across. Repeat until cord measures 30 to 36 inches according to desired length. With Emerald Green, sew the I-cord handle ends to top inner sides of bag before felting. Weave in loose ends.

FELTING: Place knit bag in pillowcase or laundry bag and close securely. Put in washing machine. Set machine to hot temperature and small size load. Add a bath towel and 1/4 cup of dishwashing liquid. Wash for 15 minutes. Remove from pillowcase and rinse with cold water. Gently squeeze out excess water. Do not put in dryer.

DRYING: Place bag on a dry towel on a protected surface.  Shape bag and fill with crumpled plastic bags to maintain shape while drying. Remove plastic bags after 1-1/2 days. Let bag air-dry until completely dry.

FINISHING (OPTIONAL): Attach each side of the magnetic purse closure to the center of a 2-inch brown felt square. With brown yarn, hand-stitch the brown felt pieces opposite each other   centered along the inside top edges of purse.

FINISHED SIZE: Excluding handle, bag is about 12 inches high x 16 inches wide. Finished size may vary depending on felting.


  • st(s) stitch(es)
  • k knit
  • p purl

Felted Knit Tote from Mary Baker, of Glen Cove, New York