1. To make the Fleece Dog Bed Craft, begin by folding fleece fabric in half, right sides facing and selvage edges matching. With a 1/2-in. seam, sew selvage edges together, turn at corner and sew from seam to fold. Trim corners diagonally and turn right-side out.

2. Stuff with fiberfill, working stuffing into corners (Phyllis suggests Fairfield -fiberfill Stuffing because it won’t mat or clump when washed).

3. Sew remaining edges together from seam to fold with a zigzag or featherstitch. Shake to fluff.

Finished Sizes:  Size; Yardage; Stuffing

  • Small 26 x 29 in.; 3/4 yd; 16 oz.
  • Medium 30-1/2 x 29 in.; 7/8 yd.; 20 oz.
  • Large 39-1/2 x 29 in.; 1-1/8 yd.; 24 oz.
  • Extra Large 44 x 29 in.; 1-1/4 yd.; 32 oz.
  • Jumbo 53 x 29 in.; 1-1/2 yd.; 40 oz.


Fleece Dog Bed Craft originally sent in by Phyllis Popp of Tempe, Arizona