1. Download and print Flower-Pin diagram instructions to assemble ribbon flower (view at 100%).
  2. Referring to Fig. 1a in Flower Pin diagram, fold the opposite ends of each length of ribbon as shown.
  3. Thread hand-sewing needle with matching thread and knot ends together. Referring to Fig. 1b, stitch across bottom edge through both layers of ribbon with a running stitch. Pull up thread to gather ribbon into a petal shape as shown in Fig. 1c. Sew through all layers to secure. Knot and cut thread close to knot.
  4. Repeat with each remaining length of ribbon.
  5. Referring to Fig. 2a, stitch gathered edges of three or four large petals together with points radiating out from the center as shown and with the turned-under edges to the back.
  6. Referring to Fig. 2b, sew the smaller flower petals to the center in the same way, pulling thread tight to shape flower.
  7. Thread hand-sewing needle with thread to match beads. Insert needle from back to front through center of flower. String five to eight seed beads onto thread. Place beads across center of flower. Insert needle from front to back through center of flower. Knot thread on back and cut thread close to knot.
  8. Referring to Fig. 2c, sew leaves to the back of the flower using the same method as used to attach the petals.
  9. Glue pin back onto back of flower or hand-sew elastic hair band to center back of flower.

Note: Lightweight ribbon works best for this project. If wire edge of ribbon seems too heavy or stiff, pull the wire out of the bottom edge of the ribbon.

Finished Size: Each flower measures about 3 inches across.


Flower Pin Craft originally sent in by Bonnie Swan of Tomah, Wisconsin.