1. Layer 4 to 8 sheets of tissue paper, using more layers for a thicker flower. Fold accordion style, making the folds about 1 to 2 inches wide.
  2. Cut folded tissue paper in half, creating two same-size pieces—or into thirds for smaller flowers. Each piece will make one flower.
  3. Working with one piece, fold length in half to find the exact center; cut a small notch along the edge on either side. Wrap a 10-in. length of yarn or wire around the center, fitting in the notches. Secure, tying yarn or twisting the wire.
  4. (Optional): Trim folded tissue paper ends into a curved or pointed shape.
  5. Carefully fan out the layered petals on each side, gently separating layers and pulling
    up toward the center to shape the flower.
  6. Hang frame. Use mounting tacky or glue dots to attach several bunched flowers inside it, allowing them to spill out beyond the frame.

Framed DIY Paper Flowers craft designed by Alysse Gear of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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