1. Download and print Craft Pattern  and Running Stitch Pattern
  2. Use copy machine to enlarge pattern below to 200%, or mark tracing paper with a 1-in. grid and draw pattern as shown onto tracing paper.
  3. Trace enlarged pattern onto folded tracing paper. Cut out and open for a complete pattern. Cut from fabric as directed on pattern, cutting two pieces for the outside of the purse and two pieces for the lining.
  4. Hand-sew purchased applique to right side of one purse piece 1/2 in. from seamlines for front of purse.
  5. Place the purse front and one lining piece right sides together with raw edges matching. Stitch along straight edge with a 1/4-in. seam. Repeat, using the purse back and lining. Press the seams open.
  6. Pin pieces with right sides of linings together and front and back pieces together, matching seams and outside edges. Sew around outside with a 1/4-in. seam, leaving opening for turning on lining section where indicated on pattern. Turn right side out through opening. Turn the raw edges of the opening in and stitch the opening closed. Slip lining to inside of purse. Press the lining slightly to inside along top seam.
  7. Hand-stitch one end of cord to inside of purse at top of each side seam.
  8. Thread needle with ribbon. For drawstring, hand-stitch ribbon around top of purse with long running stitches, starting and stopping at center front and stitching through outside and lining about 3/4 in. from seam. See Fig. 1 for stitch illustration.
  9. Tie ends of ribbons in an overhand knot. Draw up ribbon to close purse and tie in a bow.


Finished Size: Purse measures about 10 inches long x 7-1/2 inches across without handle.



 Craft originally sent in by Judy Johnson of Missoula, Montana.