1. Cut a length of wire about 2-feet long. Fold it in half and thread one bead onto the wire. Then thread the wire through both holes on a button.
  2. Wrap the wire around the middle of the bottle. Twist the wire tightly around the back of the bottle.
  3. Continue wrapping the rest of the wire around the bottle and tuck the ends underneath.
  4. Cut a long length of wire for the top of the vase. Find the center of the wire and wrap it around the glass bottle one time. Twist the wire around itself once to secure it to the neck of the bottle.
  5. Continue wrapping the wire around a few times. Then loop the ends under and add a curl or bend to the wire to keep it from slipping back through.
  6. Continue to crimp and curl the wire with the needle-nosed pliers.
  7. Add a bead or two, and then curl the wire. Continue adding beads to your liking. Then loop the wires up and twist them together.
  8. Cut off the excess from one of the wires.
  9. Curl the remaining end into a curly-Q hook for hanging.
  10. Hang your vase with a thumbtack and fishing line. Fill the vase with water and some freshly cut flowers.

Hanging Beaded Glass Vases craft project c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Brittany of Pretty Handy Girl.

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Hanging Beaded Glass Vases photography by Brittany Bailey.