1. Download and print figure.
  2. To cover frame with felt, glue felt to back edge of frame as though wrapping a package (Fig. 1), trimming away excess felt.
  3. Turn frame over. Use the sharp scissors to cut an “X” in the felt over the opening, cutting from center to 1/8 inch from each inside corner. Trim felt to 3/4 inch from opening edges. Turn frame over, fold edges to inside, gluing to inside edges of frame.
  4. Cut Styrofoam ball in half with serrated knife. Paint one Styrofoam ball half and the skewer with white paint.
  5. Cut a 1-1/4- x 1-3/4-inch triangle from yellow felt. Use black marker to write “18” on one side.
  6. Refer to photo to arrange flag, golf tees and ball on frame. Glue in place.


  1. Sand the frame on all sides until smooth, making sure to sand the gloss off of the finish if using a finished wood frame. Remove sanding dust with tack cloth.
  2. Paint frame with dusty blue paint. It may take two or three coats for complete coverage. Allow time to dry, sanding and wiping clean between coats.
  3. Beginning at bottom left corner of frame, glue the end of cable cord to the back of the frame and wrap the frame with cable cord, referring to the photo for placement. Glue the cable cord to the back of the frame to secure placement and to inner edges of the frame to allow a photograph to be inserted.
  4. Use side cutters to cut the tips off all hooks on lures or other equipment to make the frame safe.
  5. Tie or clip lure, bobber or other fishing tackle at various points on left side of frame as shown.


Baseball DIY Frame:  To your painted or covered frame, add pennants cut from felt and purchased miniature bats and balls, or fashion and paint your own from an oven-bake modeling compound like Fimo or Sculpey.

Woodworking/Handyman DIY Frame: Cover a frame with a bright felt, then add nails, screws, part of a measuring tape or ruler, a small screwdriver and other small tools to the background.

Stamp Collector DIY Frame: Paint your frame, then glue on a variety of colorful stamps. Protect your arrangement with several coats of varnish.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The wooden frames may be finished or unfinished. Any size frame may be used (make sure to adjust amount of fabric and other materials accordingly.)

FINISHED SIZE: Green golf DIY frame is 4-1/2 x 6 inches and blue fishing frame is 6 x 8 inches.