GAUGE: With size 8 needles in Stockinette stitch, 19 stitches and 24 rows = 4 inches.

STITCHES USED: Refer to knitting/crocheting abbreviations below.

SLIP, SLIP, KNIT (SSK): (A dec sloping to the left) With yarn in back of work, sl next st as if to knit, sl following st as if to purl, insert tip of left-hand needle into front of both slipped sts from left, then k 2 tog.


  • Row 1: Knit.
  • Row 2: Purl.
  • Repeat Rows 1 and 2.
  • When working in rounds, knit every round.

KNIT 1, PURL 1 RIBBING: K 1, p 1 rib

  • Every Row or Round: * K 1, p 1, repeat from * across row or around.

KNIT 2, PURL 2 RIBBING: K 2, p 2 rib

  • Every Row or Round: * K 2, p 2, repeat from * across row or around.


  • To change colors at end of rows, cut yarn, leaving a 6-inch end for sewing. Tie next color yarn to yarn end close to end of row.
  • To change color when working in rounds, drop the first color and work the next st with the second color. Cut first yarn, leaving a 4-inch end to weave in.
  • Snowflake pattern and hearts are worked from charts. Each square on chart equals one stitch and each line equals a row. Starting at the bottom for front and back, read from right to left for a RS row and from left to right for a WS row, unless otherwise indicated. Start at top of chart for sleeves.
  • To prevent a hole when changing colors, pass color to be used underneath and around to right of color just used. Carry unused colors loosely behind work.

DIRECTIONS: Before you begin, download these Charts. Back and Front are worked separately, then joined at the shoulders. Doubled neck ribbing is worked in the round. Sleeve stitches are picked up at the shoulders and knitted down to bottom.


  1. With smaller needles and dark green, cast on 68 sts. Work in k 2, p 2 rib for 1-1/2 inches.
  2. Changing to larger needles and working in St st with red, begin to follow Chart 1. Start at A and repeat pattern from A to B across row. Repeat the six rows of Chart 1 until piece measures 9(11) inches or desired length to underarm, ending with Row 2 or 6.
  3. Heart Panel: Change to dark green and knit three rows. Purl one row.
  4. Next row and each odd-numbered row of Chart 2: Working in St st, k 2 with dark green, then begin to follow Chart 2, working pattern from C to D seven times, ending k 3 with dark green.
  5. Following row and each even-numbered row of Chart 2: P 3 with dark green, repeat pattern from D to C seven times across row, ending p 2 with dark green.
  6. Complete all Chart 2 rows, then knit two rows with dark green.
  7. Change to red, work two rows in St st, then follow Chart 1 until piece measures 14  (16) inches. Place first and last 20 sts on holders for shoulders and center 28 sts on holder for back of neck.


  1. Work same as back until piece measures 12-1/2(14-1/2) inches, ending with a WS row.
  2. Neck shaping: Continuing in Chart 1 pattern in St st, k 22, k 2 tog, k 1, sl next 18 sts onto holder; attach a second ball of red, k 1, SSK, k 22.
  3. Working both shoulders simultaneously, dec 1 st in from neck edge on RS rows four more times, using k 2 tog and SSK as est in first dec row of neck shaping: 20 sts will remain in each shoulder. Work even until piece measures same as back.
  4. Shoulder Joining: When length of front matches back, place 20 left back shoulder sts on smaller needle. Hold smaller needle with back sts and larger needle with left front shoulder sts parallel with RS together and work a plain bind-off as follows: Hold both pieces in the left hand, then * work the first st on each needle simultaneously. Knit the next 2 sts together in the same manner. Slip the first st over the second one, binding off one st. Repeat from * across row. Place rem st on st holder with remaining back sts. (A ridge will be produced on wrong side of joining.) Repeat to join front to back at right shoulder.


  1. With dark green and size 6 circular needles, pick up and knit 30 sts from back neck holder, 12 sts from left front neck edge, 18 sts from front neck holder and 12 sts from right front neck edge: 72 sts.
  2. Work k 2, p 2 rib for 2-3/4 inches. Slip sts to a contrasting piece of yarn. Fold ribbing in half toward inside and use T-pins to pin in place, matching each st to same vertical row of sts at inside lower edge of neck ribbing. Sew sts loosely to wrong side of neck edge.


With larger needle and dark green, pick up 52 sts for sleeve along upper front and back, beginning and ending 1 st below rows of heart panel.

  1. S Heart Panel: Knit two rows. Purl one row.
  2. S Next row and each RS row of Chart 2: Working in St st, k 4 with dark green, then turn chart over to begin to follow Chart 2 from top; repeat pattern five times from E to F, ending k 3 with dark green.
  3. S Following row and each WS row of Chart 2: P 3 with dark green, repeat pattern from F to E five times across row, ending p 4 with dark green.
  4. Complete all Chart 2 rows, then knit two rows with dark green.
  5. Change to red and work two rows in St st, then follow Chart 1, decreasing 1 st at each sleeve edge every sixth (RS) row five times as follows: K1, k 2 tog, work in pattern to last 3 sts, SSK, k 1. Work even on rem 42 sts until sleeve underarm measures 10 (11) inches or desired length to cuff ending on Row 2 or 6 of Chart 1.
  6. Knit next row, decreasing 10 sts evenly. Purl next row.
  7. Change to smaller needles and dark green and knit two rows. Work in k 2, p 2 rib for 2 inches. Bind off loosely. Repeat for second sleeve.

FINISHING: Sew back to front and edges of sleeves together at underarms. Weave in yarn ends.


  1. Legs: With black and dp needles, cast on 18 sts, dividing evenly between three needles. Work in rounds, using a st marker to mark end of round and moving marker as each round is completed. Continue without turning for next round.
  2. Rounds 1-9: Knit.
  3. Round 10: Change to off-white, knit.
  4. Rounds 11-15: Work in k 1, p 1 rib. Bind off loosely in rib. Cut yarn.
  5. Round 16: Change to red, picking up 18 sts by folding back off-white rib to pick up sts from back lps of Round 14.
  6. Rounds 17-34: Knit. Cut yarn.
  7. Place first leg sts on st holder or piece of yarn. Repeat Rounds 1-34 for second leg, without cutting yarn.
  8. Body: Bring sts of both legs together, dividing the 36 sts evenly between three needles with beginning of round at beginning of one set of needles.
  9. Rounds 35-40: Knit with red.
  10. Round 41: Change to dark green, knit.
  11. Rounds 42-44: Work in k 1, p 1 rib.
  12. Rounds 45-46: Change to red and work in St st.
  13. Rounds 47-55: Repeat Chart 1 around in St st, reading all rows from right to left.
  14. Separating for Arms: Slip sts onto size 6 circular needle, dividing sts in half and making sure that for each half 9 of the 18 sts are from one leg and remaining 9 sts from second leg. Begin with a separate ball of dark green on each half to knit front and back simultaneously.
  15. Rows 1-2: Knit.
  16. Rows 3-4: Knit across, then cast on 13 sts at end of each row: 44 sts on front and back.
  17. Rows 5-12: Beginning each row with 4 dark green border sts while working in St st, begin to follow Chart 3, repeating pattern from G to H four times across and ending with 4 dark green sts.
  18. Row 13: Purl with dark green.
  19. Turn the doll WS out. Place front half of sts on dp needle RS together with back sts. Use a plain bind-off as for shoulder joining on sweater to bind off 17 sts at each end, leaving center 10 sts on each needle for head. Bind off remaining sts for neck opening. Cut yarn. Sew underarm seams of arms.
  20. Hands: Fold edge of arm opening back and pick up 14 sts from back loops of edge sts with peach and divide on three dp needles.
  21. Rounds 1-6: Knit in rounds.
  22. Rounds 7-8: (K 2 tog, k 1) around until 6 sts remain.
  23. Cut yarn, leaving a 6-inch yarn end. Thread tapestry needle with this yarn and draw through rem 6 sts. Draw up tightly and fasten securely on wrong side. Repeat for second hand.
  24. Stuff through neck and leg openings. Bring opening edges of each leg together and use matching yarn to sew each opening closed.
  25. Head: Starting at top of head, cast on 30 sts with peach. Divide sts evenly on three dp needles. Work in rounds.
  26. Rounds 1-18: Knit.
  27. Round 19: (K 2 tog, k 1) around: 20 sts.
  28. Round 20: K 2 tog around: 10 sts.
  29. Rounds 21-23: Knit. Bind off. Cut yarn.
  30. Stuff head from wider opening (top). Insert bottom into neck opening and sew tightly in place.
  31. Make a running stitch around top opening edge and gather up edge tightly. (See stitch illustrations on page 67.) Fasten off and weave in yarn ends.
  32. Embroider eyes with black straight stitches and mouth with red straight stitches and French knot as shown in Fig1.
  33. Hair: Cut about eighty 18-inch pieces of brown yarn. Center pieces on head from forehead to back neck and backstitch a “part” over center of strands. Use 18-inch pieces of both red and dark green yarn to tie strands on each side of head into pigtails. Trim ends evenly.

FINISHED SIZE: Directions are for a Child’s size 3-4. Changes for size 5-6 are in parentheses. Garment chest measurement for both sizes is 28 inches.

Knitting Abbreviations

  • dec decrease
  • inc increase
  • k knit
  • p purl
  • psso pass slipped st over
  • rem remaining
  • beg beginning
  • lp(s) loop(s)
  • rep repeat
  • rnd(s) round(s)
  • RS right side
  • sl slip
  • st(s) stitch(es)
  • tog together
  • WS wrong side
  • yo yarn over
  • * or [ ] Instructions after * or ­between brackets are ­repeated a ­given number of times.
  • ( ) Instructions in ­parentheses are all worked in one stitch or space as ­indicated.

Holiday Hearts Sweater and Doll from Susan Esser of Taylors, South Carolina