1. Create a diamond-shaped template by drawing a 26 x 33 in. cross on a sheet of paper then connecting the tips. Cut out the template, tape it to the Tyvek, then cut the kite material to shape. Use felt-tipped pens to decorate the material.
  2. Lay the kite material face down, then position the struts in place. Use strapping tape to secure the tips of the kite material to the tips of the struts.
  3. Poke a small hole through the kite material where the struts intersect, feed the kite string through the hole and securely tie it to the both struts. Attach four tails of nylon ribbon to the end of the long strut.

Tips to Making a Homemade Diamond Kite

  • Creating a slight curve on the two lower legs of the diamond will create more surface area for better flight.
  • Bring along some extra tail material for your test flight; you may want to lengthen (or shorten) the tail to improve flight performance.

*Tyvek can be purchased through web sites such as, but if there’s a house under construction in your neighborhood, you may be able to get a piece just for the asking.

Homemade Diamond Kite Photography by Stuart Scott.