1. Download printable pattern here.
  2. Condition white clay and roll out to 1/8-in. thickness.
  3. Use oval cutter to cut shape for head. Trim a bit from one long edge to make the top of the head flat. Place on ceramic tile or foil-lined baking sheet.
  4. Roll clay to 1/16-in. thickness. Cut two 1/2-in. circles for the button eyes. Press the smaller circle cutter onto the center of the button eyes to make a slight indentation.
  5. Use stylus to make four indentations in the center of each button eye.
  6. Use blade or craft knife to cut a 3/4-in.-long triangle shape for snowman’s nose.
  7. Referring to photo, place button eyes and nose on snowman’s head. With stylus, add dots for mouth and to create swirl pattern on the head, and then make holes above the eyes for the hanging loop.
  8. Following clay manufacturer’s instructions, bake snowman. Let cool.
  9. Gently sand to help the paint adhere to the clay.


  1. Add a bit of white to red paint and use flat brush to paint the button eyes.
  2. Use round brush and red to paint outer rim of each button eye.
  3. Use flat brush and yellow to paint nose.
  4. Use round brush to add orange and red stripes to nose.
  5. Use liner and black to paint indentation in center of each button eye and each dot for mouth.
  6. Use flat brush and light blue to add narrow stripes around entire edge of snowman.


  1. With flat brush, apply gloss varnish to entire ornament. Let dry.
  2. Thin glue with a bit of clean water, then apply with flat brush to white area on ornament front. Before it dries, sprinkle on clear glitter. Tap off excess glitter when dry.


  1. Trace hat pattern onto tracing paper. Cut hat shape from black felt. Glue hat to snowman.
  2. Add beads to black cord. Thread ends of black cord from front to back through holes. Tie ends together to make hanging loop.

Finished Size: Ornament measures about 2-3/4 in. x 1-3/4 in. without loop.

Craft originally sent in by Lianne Stoddard of Reading, Massachusetts. To see more of her ornaments, visit Lianne on the web at